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The Canadian provinces begin issuing Provincial Letters of Attestation For international students
Ahmed Moawad - 6 hours

The province of British Columbia in Canada announced the start of issuing regional letters of attestation to international students wishing to study in Canada starting March 4, 2024.

Canada: Widespread warnings due to cold and stormy weather hitting these areas
Ahmed Moawad - 8 hours

Canada's weather agency has issued a warning to residents about extreme cold in parts of Alberta, where wind chills approached -40 on Monday morning before tapering off significantly on Tuesday.

Indian customs arrested three for gold smuggling at Cochin airport
Asma - 1 day

Customs officials at Cochin International Airport launched an operation to combat gold smuggling on Saturday, resulting in the seizure of 797 grams of gold and the apprehension of three individuals, one of whom was a woman.

Pakistani Flight Attendant Vanishes in Canada, Second Incident Weekly
Asma - 2 days

A Pakistani flight attendant, Jibran Baloch, serving on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-782, disappeared upon the aircraft's landing in Toronto, Canada, as reported on Friday.

Pakistan: PTI Calls Nationwide Protest Over Alleged Election Rigging
Asma - 4 days

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, under the leadership of the imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan, has announced its intention to stage a nationwide protest against the alleged rigging that prevented their return to power in the...

Leap Day 2024: The Day Time Bends (and Maybe Your Plans Too!)
Muhamed abdo - 5 days

February 29th: More Than Just a Date! Explore the fascinating world of Leap Day - its origin, fun facts & ways to celebrate this special day in 2024.

Canada announces new residence visas for these nationalities with exceptional facilities
Ahmed Moawad - 5 days

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Canada announced new immigration paths for Sudanese citizens to facilitate their travel to Canada and obtain a Canadian residency visa, given the ongoing conflicts in the country of Sudan.

Canada warns residents of heavy rains and severe frosts hitting all Canadian provinces
Ahmed Moawad - 5 days

It is expected that all Canadian provinces will face severe snow storms in the coming days, in addition to heavy rainfall, as announced this morning by Environment Canada.

Pakistan: former PM Imran Khan and his wife charged with bribery
Asma - 6 days

The recent indictment pertains to Al-Qadir Trust, an NGO established by Khan and his third wife Bushra Bibi in 2018 during Khan's tenure as Prime Minister.

Russia Implements a 6-Month Ban on Gasoline Exports Starting March
Asma - 6 days

The Russian government has decided to halt the export of gasoline for six months, beginning on March 1, in response to increased demand from both consumers and farmers, as well as to allow for scheduled refinery maintenance. A representative from the...

Canada: Raising the minimum wage to $15.75 per hour starting in May 2024
Ahmed Moawad - 1 week

The province of Quebec in Canada issued new decisions to raise the minimum wage in the country to 15.75 per hour, starting May 1, 2024.

Canada limits the accepted number of study permits for international students at Canadian institutions
Ahmed Moawad - 1 week

Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marc Miller, announced a two-year limit on the number of foreign students accepted into the country, adding that this limit is temporary.

Canada warns of the spread of a Deadly winter storm in some Canadian provinces this week
Ahmed Moawad - 1 week

Environment Canada has warned of strong cold waves and extreme drops in temperatures in many Canadian provinces and cities this week.

Canada announces the exemption of citizens of this country from permanent residency fees
Ahmed Moawad - 1 week

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced a new immigration pathway for families affected by the ongoing war in Sudan.

Canada issues new decision on exemptions to study permit cap and access to PGWP
Ahmed Moawad - 1 week

In order to expedite the visa processing process once the distribution of study permits is approved at the provincial level by late March, IRCC Canada has extended an invitation to colleges and universities to provide feedback on a proposed provision...

Canada announces minimum wage increase in 2024
Muhamed abdo - 1 week

An increase in the minimum wage will be implemented in Canada beginning in October 2024. The States That Are Eligible

UK launches ETA program, offering visa exemption to eligible categories.
Asma - 1 week

The recent launch of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program by the United Kingdom offers citizens visa exemption, marking a significant development in travel facilitation.

Indian Customs arrested a passenger for smuggling gold from Gulf country
Asma - 1 week

Customs officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India, have taken action against an individual attempting to smuggle gold into the country.

Israeli cabinet announce March 10 as deadline for Gaza ground offensive in Rafah
Asma - 1 week

Israeli cabinet member Benny Gantz issued a stark ultimatum, warning Hamas to release all hostages held in Gaza by March 10 or face a potential offensive in Rafah.

New GCC visa to improve its position as global destination
Asma - 1 week

Ahmed Al Khateeb, the Saudi Arabian minister of tourism, stated at the eighth gathering of GCC tourism ministers in Doha that the implementation of a single tourist visa for all GCC nations would have far-reaching effects on the industry in Saudi...

India airlines offers Baggage delivery within 30 mins for passengers
Asma - 1 week

The BCAS in India has ordered the country's main airlines to simplify the way they deliver checked bags. On February 16, 2024, BCAS issued an order encouraging seven major airlines—Air India, IndiGo, Akasa, SpiceJet, Vistara, Air India Express...

World Court to consider Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands hearing
Asma - 2 weeks

The Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki, delivered a resounding call for an immediate cessation of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories at the onset of hearings convened at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The...

The World Tourism Council calls on the EU to facilitate travel procedures
Radwa Saleh - 2 weeks

The World Travel and Tourism Council, representative of the international private sector, called on the European Union to support the tourism sector, as the tourism sector contributes about 1.4 trillion dollars to the economy of the Old Continent (a...

Pakistan: Fly Jinnah Airlines launches its first international flight to Sharjah
Asma - 2 weeks

Fly Jinnah, a budget airline headquartered in Pakistan, has declared the commencement of its maiden international flight from Islamabad to Sharjah, celebrated with a special ceremony at both airports.