‏Urgent Dubai: An important statement from the police to all vehicle drivers

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There were 99 incidents in Dubai due to drivers being distracted by something other than the road (using a phone while driving), resulting in the deaths of six people and the injuries of another 58.

The Dubai Police have admitted to using technological equipment to track drivers who are texting or otherwise preoccupied.

In a detailed statement, Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department at the Dubai Police, warned against the dangers of being distracted off-road by using a phone while driving. He mentioned that talking on the phone while behind the wheel is a major distraction that increases the risk of an accident by double. One of the most important factors in maintaining driver safety,

He claimed that using a phone, especially when engaging in activities like social networking or texting, impaired people's capacity to respond quickly and safely in dangerous situations. "being busy with a mobile phone makes the driver closer to someone driving his vehicle while asleep or with his eyes closed," he said, "and we can imagine the consequences when this is coupled with another violation, such as deviation or excessive speed."

Noting that many motorists are unaware that being distracted off-road by using the phone while driving constitutes a hazard to their own and others' lives, he emphasized that this violation is a major or common factor in the occurrence of serious traffic accidents. Inattention on the part of the driver for even a little period of time might have disastrous consequences. He and other kind people were warning others about the 800 dirham fine and four "black" traffic points they could receive for being preoccupied on another road.

As an example, he showed video clips of people who were busy on their phones while driving and caused serious accidents that resulted in death or disability, and he said that the Dubai Police had adopted many awareness campaigns to warn drivers about the dangers of doing so off-road. In the event of an accident involving him.

According to data collected by the General Traffic Department over the past few years, he continued, the most common causes of fatal accidents were speeding, failing to yield to other vehicles, swerving suddenly, and failing to provide enough space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. Using a cell phone while driving is a known contributor to distracted driving. Mishaps that occur because of these causes.

Al Mazrouei emphasized the importance of following traffic rules and warned drivers to avoid anything that could take their attention away from the road, adding that the Dubai Police Department is increasing its monitoring and follow-up operations for those who do not comply with traffic rules in an effort to deter them. For the sake of all drivers, we must provide the greatest possible standards of safety and security.

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