The UAE fuel price committee announces Petrol, diesel prices for November 2023

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The most recent fuel prices for the month of November 2023 have been issued by the UAE Fuel Price Committee. As of November 1, 2023, these revised tariffs reflect changes in the costs of various fuels. The monthly report released by the committee sheds light on the dynamics of UAE fuel prices.

UAE Fuel Price Committee Announces November 2023 Fuel Rates

The fuel price adjustments for November 2023 are as follows:

  • Super 98 Petrol: The price for Super 98 petrol is set at Dh3.03 per liter for November. This marks a notable decrease compared to the October rate of Dh3.44 per liter.

  • Special 95 Petrol: Special 95 petrol will be available at Dh2.92 per liter in November. This reflects a decrease from the previous month when it was priced at Dh3.33 per liter.

  • E-Plus 91 Petrol: E-Plus 91 petrol will cost Dh2.85 per liter for November, a decrease from the October rate of Dh3.26 per liter.

  • Diesel: Diesel prices for November are set at Dh3.42 per liter, down from the October rate of Dh3.57 per liter.

Annual Fuel Price Trends

To provide a broader perspective on fuel price fluctuations throughout the year, here is a summary of prices across various fuel variants for 2023:

  • January: Super 98 petrol was priced at Dh2.78 per liter, Special 95 at Dh2.67, and E-Plus 91 at Dh2.59.

  • February: Super 98 petrol increased to Dh3.05 per liter, Special 95 to Dh2.93, and E-Plus 91 to Dh2.86.

  • March: Super 98 petrol continued to rise to Dh3.09 per liter, Special 95 to Dh2.97, and E-Plus 91 to Dh2.90.

  • April: Prices fluctuated slightly, with Super 98 petrol at Dh3.01 per liter, Special 95 at Dh2.90, and E-Plus 91 at Dh2.82.

  • May: Super 98 petrol reached Dh3.16 per liter, Special 95 at Dh3.05, and E-Plus 91 at Dh2.97.

  • June: A decrease was observed, with Super 98 petrol at Dh2.95 per liter, Special 95 at Dh2.84, and E-Plus 91 at Dh2.76.

  • July: Prices stabilized, with Super 98 petrol at Dh3 per liter, Special 95 at Dh2.89, and E-Plus 91 at Dh2.81.

  • August: Prices continued to rise, reaching Dh3.14 per liter for Super 98 petrol, Dh3.02 for Special 95, and Dh2.95 for E-Plus 91.

  • September: A significant increase was seen in diesel prices, with Super 98 petrol at Dh3.42 per liter, Special 95 at Dh3.31, and E-Plus 91 at Dh3.23.

  • October: The October rates saw Super 98 petrol at Dh3.44 per liter, Special 95 at Dh3.33, and E-Plus 91 at Dh3.26.

These monthly fluctuations in fuel prices reflect the dynamic nature of the global energy market and its impact on the cost of fuel in the UAE. Stay updated with the UAE Fuel Price Committee's monthly announcements to make informed decisions regarding your fuel-related expenses.

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