UAE Meteorology issues weather warnings

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Residents are able to begin their long weekend with the good news that temperatures are expected to drop and there is a possibility of precipitation in certain regions of the country today.

A forecast from the National Centre of Meteorology indicates that the weather will be partly cloudy in general and cloudy at times over some eastern areas, with a possibility of light rainfall. This forecast also includes the possibility of cloudy skies.

Issuing weather alerts

Red and yellow alerts have been issued by the National Climate Change (NCM) in some regions of the country, warning people of reduced visibility until 9 a.m.

Reducing speed on roads

In response to the fog, the Abu Dhabi Police Department has lowered the speed limit on the most important highways in the emirate. A speed restriction reduction of 80 kilometers per hour has been implemented on the Sweihan route (at the oval roundabout between Telal Sweihan and Zayed Military City at the Coopri Bridge), as well as on the road that connects Abu Dhabi and Al Ain (between Al Khaznah and Rimah).

Weather condition on Sunday

As the night progresses and Sunday morning arrives, the atmosphere will get more humid, and there is a possibility that mist could collect over certain internal locations.

The wind speed is expected to be light to moderate, and it will refresh at times.

Within the United Arab Emirates, the highest temperature is forecast to reach 30 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature is anticipated to drop to 11 degrees Celsius in mountainous regions.

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