UAE introduce 73 laws in 2023 with a new website clarifies legislation

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During a meeting that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum presided over, the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reviewed the legislative accomplishments of 2023.

Over 73 federal laws were completed in sectors such as finance, banking, education, health, and government regulation, involving more than 1,500 specialists and 50 governmental teams. A notable highlight was the launch of the UAE Legislation Platform, an online platform offering access to federal legislation, decrees, executive regulations, and decisions issued since the UAE's establishment in 1971. The platform, available in both Arabic and English, aims to enhance government transparency and public engagement.

Additionally, Sheikh Mohammed announced a new indicator for the government called the "law enforcement" indicator, designed to assess the implementation of laws and their impact on various groups, such as investors, citizens, residents, or specialized groups. The UAE aims to keep its legislation updated, flexible, and adaptable to changes, fostering the best business environment globally.

The legislative plan covered diverse sectors, including the economic and financial sectors, where laws on commerce through modern means of technology were introduced, regulating digital business activities. Other laws focused on competition, consumer protection, combating commercial fraud, financial restructuring, bankruptcy, and the Trust Law.

In the family and community sectors, amendments to laws related to sports, public benefit entities, pensions, social insurance, and media activities were made. New laws addressed places of worship for non-Muslims, genetic and genomic tests, the maritime industry, land transportation, and space sectors. The year 2023 also saw the issuance of laws combating human trafficking, regulating the genetic fingerprint database, combating discrimination and extremism, and addressing judicial fees before federal courts.

Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the UAE's commitment to a global approach in its laws and procedures, highlighting transparency and the rule of law as key priorities. The legislative updates aim to support the nation's economic growth, enhance government work, and eliminate duplication in governmental functions. The UAE continues to evolve its legislative framework, focusing on flexibility, transparency, and public engagement.

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