UAE Embassy Cautions Citizens in Philippines Amid Earthquake Aftershocks

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Late Saturday, a huge aftershock struck the southern Philippines, prompting residents there to be cautious. as a public service announcement from the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Manila.

Concerns Rise with Magnitude 6.6 Aftershock

According to the US Geological Survey, the most recent seismic event happened on Sunday and had a magnitude of 6.6. Two people were killed, and a tsunami warning was issued the day before an even stronger earthquake.

Repeated Aftershocks in the Same Region

Mindanao Island, northeast of Hinatuan municipality, was the epicenter of an earthquake that occurred at approximately 6:36 p.m. local time and had a depth of 56 kilometers. Several powerful aftershocks, including this most recent tremor, have been felt since late Saturday. Locals fled to higher ground the night before after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake shook the region.

UAE Embassy Advisory and Safety Measures

The UAE embassy's advisory calls on all citizens in the southern Philippines to exercise caution, closely follow the embassy and Philippine authorities' guidance, and stay vigilant due to the ongoing seismic activity and strong aftershocks. Authorities emphasize the importance of adhering to safety instructions and provide emergency contact numbers at 0097180024 or 0097180044444. Additionally, citizens are urged to register for the Tawajodi service.

Casualties and ongoing seismic activity

Several people were injured and at least two people died in the earthquake that happened on Saturday. According to the USGS, subsequent significant aftershocks, each measuring more than 6.0 on the Richter scale, persisted all the way through Sunday. Hospitals and other facilities along Mindanao's eastern coast were among those evacuated as a result of the original seismic event, which sparked tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific region.

As the situation unfolds, the UAE embassy remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens in the affected area, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and adherence to official guidance during this period of heightened seismic activity.

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