The UAE weather authority issues red and yellow alerts for fog, Caution urged

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As residents conclude their long weekend, the National Centre of Meteorology anticipates partly cloudy skies across the UAE today.

The weather forecast includes the appearance of low clouds in certain areas, with the potential formation of convective clouds towards the east in the afternoon.

Fog Alerts: Red and Yellow Alerts Issued

Due to the fog, the NCM has issued red and yellow advisories in some districts warning people that visibility will be poor until 9 a.m. today. Drivers must pay close attention to the ever-changing speed limits shown on electronic information boards; the Abu Dhabi Police have also expressed similar worries, stressing the need for this advice.

Night and Tuesday Weather: Humidity and Potential Fog

Heading into the night and Tuesday morning, humidity is expected to increase. There is a probability of fog or mist formation in certain internal areas, adding an extra layer of caution for residents during their morning commute.

Wind Conditions: Light to Moderate Winds

Winds are predicted to be light to moderate, occasionally freshening. Residents engaging in outdoor activities should remain aware of wind conditions and prepare accordingly.

Temperature Extremes: 10ºC to 31ºC

In mountainous regions of the UAE, the lowest temperature is expected to drop to 10 oC, while internal areas may experience a high of 31 oC. Residents are advised to dress appropriately for varying temperatures throughout the day.

Safety Reminders for Motorists: Navigating Foggy Conditions

The Abu Dhabi Police's warning emphasizes the importance of reducing speed during foggy conditions to enhance road safety. Vigilance, adherence to traffic guidelines, and staying updated on weather-related alerts are crucial elements for a secure commute.

As weather conditions can change rapidly, residents are encouraged to stay informed through official channels and take necessary precautions, ensuring a smooth transition from the extended weekend into regular activities.

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