The UAE urges these residents to depart promptly to avoid fines

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The General Authority for Passports and Port Security in the United Arab Emirates has announced new restrictions that will apply to anybody residing in the UAE about the necessity to leave the country as soon as their visa expires.

This current decision involving UAE residents is regarded the polar opposite of what was previously decided, in which the UAE allowed foreign residents to remain in its territory for 10 days after their visa expired.

Developing a mechanism for dealing with foreign expatriates

This decision, according to a number of Emirati media sites, falls within the framework of the UAE's desire to grow and strengthen the mechanism for dealing with international arrivals and organizing the process of accepting guests.

The UAE has annulled the grace period decision for tourists and residents whose visas have expired, and they must leave the country immediately after their visa expires, and they cannot stay for an extended term.

Grace period after the end of the residency

It is worth noting that the UAE's "grace period" was extremely useful to many people whose residence period had ended, since it allowed visitors to simply adjust their plans and stay in the UAE for a longer amount of time.

This period also helped greatly develop confidence between the UAE government and visitors, however all of these laws have lately altered, and visitors must be more cautious.

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All residents are now obliged to confirm the dates of their visas and that they are appropriate for the length of their journey, and in the event of a change, they should contact travel agencies for assistance and guidance.

Fine for expiration of residency in the Emirates

The UAE government has implemented the new visa system, which intends to minimize and standardize service prices, with violators required to pay 50 UAE dirhams for each day of violation.

The cost for violating a visit visa has also been decreased from AED 100 to AED 50 each day of violation.

It also increased the penalty for violating the expiration of the residency period for residents within the country from 25 UAE dirhams to 50 UAE dirhams for each day of violation, in addition to the option of completing the payment process through the authority's electronic services or through the country's various outlets.

Re-entry permits to the UAE

UAE residents who have been abroad for more than six months can apply for a re-entry permission. UAE residents outside the country for more than six months can enter within 30 days of receiving a permit. Residents can now stay outside the UAE for longer than 6 months without losing residency with the new re-entry permission.

To get the permit, residents must explain why they're staying abroad and provide supporting documents. Return permits can be obtained online from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security.

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