The UAE Labor Law specifies a fine of up to 200,000 dirhams for a work permit

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A work permit violation carries a fine of up to 200,000 dirhams, according to the UAE Labor Law.

UAE: Can a maid with a visitation visa start working before getting a work permit or residency?

I'm bringing a maid to the United Arab Emirates from my own country. She is visiting on a visitation visa and will remain with my family while I obtain a maid visa for her. Can she start doing chores around the house during this transition period? How does one go about obtaining a maid visa for her?

In response to your questions, Federal Decree Law No. 29 of 2021 Regarding Entry and Residence of Foreigners and Federal Decree Law No. 9 of 2022 Concerning Domestic Workers apply to you as you plan to hire a maid to do your household's domestic duties.

the steps required to begin working in the Emirates in order to avoid being fined 200,000 dirhams.

It is against the law to hire a maid in the United Arab Emirates without a valid work permit and residency visa. Article 17(3)(a) of the UAE Domestic Workers Law stipulates that anyone hiring a maid without a work permit and a UAE residency visa faces a minimum penalty of Dh50,000 and a maximum penalty of Dh200,000. Among the infractions are:

"a. provides employment to a domestic worker without obtaining a work permit for the latter."

UAE law outlines the consequences of hiring a domestic helper without a permit.

Furthermore, in accordance with the terms of the UAE Immigration Law, the punishment may possibly include expulsion. This is in line with Article 25(1) and (7) of the Immigration Law, which say as follows: "(1) Anyone who employs, harbors, or places an alien in violation of this Decree-Law shall be punished with a fine of Dh50,000; in the event of recidivism, the penalty shall be imprisonment and a fine of Dh50,000.

(7) In every situation, the court will order the deportation of the immigrant who violated the law as well as the deportation of the alien who hired or harbored him after his recidivism."

According to the aforementioned legal requirement, once you bring your potential maid from your home country on a visitation visa, you are not allowed to hire her right away.

Alternatively, you can file for her work permit and UAE residency visa upon her visitation visa arrival in the UAE, in accordance with the terms of the UAE Domestic Workers Law and the current regulations in the UAE about hiring a maid for your home.

Generally speaking, as an employer, you have to meet certain requirements for the number of rooms in the apartment or villa where the prospective maid will work, her marital status, and the minimum income.

Additionally, the UAE Domestic Workers Law places a strong focus on hiring domestic help through agencies approved by the government. The UAE Domestic Workers Law's Article 5 lists the responsibilities of recognized recruitment firms.

Necessary procedures to start working in the Emirates to protect against a fine of 200,000 dirhams.

When hiring a maid for your home, you, as the employer, must abide by the rules and regulations of the UAE Domestic Workers Law. It might involve, but is not limited to, giving the maid the tools she needs to carry out her tasks, offering suitable housing, food, and resources, as well as clothing if needed for the job, paying her salary on time, covering the cost of her health insurance, showing her respect, and letting her keep her official documentation. This is in line with the duties that an employer or sponsor has to a domestic worker, as outlined in Article 11 of the UAE Domestic Workers Law.

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