The UAE announced $100,000 in awards on the occasion of the COP28 Conference

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Prototypes for Humanity 2023 honored the winning projects from over 2,800 submissions representing 710 universities worldwide across more than 200 research fields at COP28.

In conjunction with the COP28 Conference, the UAE announced a $100,000 prize fund.

At COP28, Prototypes for Humanity 2023 recognized the best concepts from more than 2,800 proposals that represented 710 universities worldwide and covered more than 200 research categories.

Announcing the winners of the “Prototypes of Humanity 2023” awards at the COP28 conference in the UAE

The Emirates celebrated the COP28 Conference by announcing rewards totaling $100,000. The $100,000 prize winner of Prototypes for Humanity 2023, an initiative that showcased 100 innovative products to address social and environmental issues, was announced on Sunday during COP28. At the end of the Prototypes for Humanity Awards 2023, five outstanding inventions were honored: a medicine-injection device optimized for emergency disaster scenarios, a synthetic yeast to improve sustainable food and biofuel production, Bioplastics derived from invasive weeds, aiding local populations; satellite monitoring systems to avert catastrophes brought on by carelessness; artificial intelligence to identify questionable behavior in public procurement procedures.

Winning projects for the Humanity Prize 2023 at the COP 28 conference

The financial awards are intended to support continuing research in important fields and honor the commitment of academics and students seeking ground-breaking discoveries. Held in the center of Dubai's thriving innovation ecosystem, the week-long Prototypes for Humanity 2023 program drew in international experts with a focus on venture capital, innovation, research, and investments. Their goal was to support university innovators in taking their projects closer to implementation.

Announcement of the COP28 Conference in the Emirates' "Preliminary Models of Humanity 2023" winners

Category: Waste, Energy, and Efficiency Princeton University's Synthetic Yeasts for Biotechnology became victorious. The goal of the Synthetic Yeasts for Biotechnology project is to produce better chemicals by engineering a synthetic strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Using engineered microbes, sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy might be transformed, and a new generation of food products, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, fuels, and specialty chemicals could be produced, Category: AI and data sciences Digital Twins 4 Tailings Dams, University of Oxford, was the winner. Digital Duplicates A satellite-based early warning system called 4 Tailings Dams is used to track and avert environmental catastrophes at mining sites, particularly in the tailings storage facilities (TSFs), Category: Safety, Help, and Health The Golden Capsule winner is Hongik University in South Korea. A medicine-injection tool without electricity, the Golden Capsule is designed with emergency rescuers in crisis situations in mind. It uses elastic force and air pressure instead of gravity-driven devices to continuously provide medication for more than 30 to 60 minutes without the need for energy or physical labor, Category: Food, Water, and Natural Systems Hyapak, Egerton University, was the winner. HyaPak reduces waste and aids in the eradication of an invasive species by converting water hyacinth into biodegradable plastic substitutes. Category: Communities, Equality, and Education Kapak, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, was the winner. a program that uses data science to fight corruption in Ecuador's public procurement system. The software program uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to fight corruption in public procurement. This system, which is independent of the government, gathers information from official e-procurement websites to generate indicators of corruption concerns. Kapak assesses contracting companies and suppliers, highlights suspicious procedures, and increases public awareness of corruption risks using a publicly accessible online portal.

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