The General Administration of Residency in the Emirates issues a decision regarding the passport of travelers

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The General Directorate of residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai has taken the initiative to design a special seal for the world climate conference "Cup 28." This was done in order to keep up with international events and in conjunction with the United Arab Emirates hosting the conference, which aims to discuss climate change and take measures to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

As a reminder of their entry into Dubai, their participation, and their quest to contribute to the protection of the environment and climate change, the design incorporates the cup 28 logo, the Dubai symbol, and multiple climate symbols. It is intended to be used in a stamp that is affixed to the passports of passengers who arrive through Dubai Airports. Additionally, the design is intended to embody the goals of the year of sustainability and contribute to the creation of positive change by promoting awareness and encouraging environmental innovations.

The Emirate of Dubai works to raise the level of community awareness

The general administration of Dubai is working to improve community awareness at both the local and global levels through initiatives that are similar to the seal. These initiatives target travelers through Dubai's land and air ports and employ a variety of national and social events, in addition to regional and international national celebrations. This step comes for the purpose of reflecting the commitment of the Dubai residency to sustainable development and environmental protection.

World climate conference

It is an opportunity for Dubai to consolidate its role in combating climate change, promote environmental awareness in the use of renewable energy, develop green infrastructure, and improve the efficiency of resource use. This is especially important in light of the growing scale of challenges and the growing degree of interest in climate change from governments and institutions. Dubai's hosting of the Cop28 World Climate Conference is an opportunity to take immediate and effective action.

It is important to note that Dubai will be hosting the Cop28 global climate conference in the year of sustainability 2023. This was declared by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, May God protect him, under the slogan "today for tomorrow."

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