Urgent Emirates : Lifting the UAE visa ban on this African country

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Following a lengthy discussion in Abu Dhabi with President of the Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Nigeria's president, Bola Tinubu, stated that the United Arab Emirates would be banning visas to Nigeria as of October 1.

The Nigerian President also said that the recent deal he made with the President of the United Arab Emirates is a big deal and that the UAE immediately lifted its ban on Nigerian tourists getting visas.

When the visa ban is lifted, flights can start up again

According to Tinubu, a provision of the new agreement called for Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines to begin operating flights to and from Nigeria immediately.

The recent agreement between the two presidents includes the immediate resumption of air travel between the two nations via these two carriers. The Nigerian government is not compelled to make any payments right now.

Getting Emirates flights in and out of Nigeria back on track

The deal called for Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines to start flying inside and outside of Nigeria right away, even though the government didn't have to pay right away. It also called for a new joint program to make sure there is enough foreign exchange liquidity between the two countries.

It's important to note that there have been many disagreements between the two governments, especially since the Nigerian government decided to cut the number of trips from Emirates Airlines to Nigeria to one per week.

The Nigerian President's recent disagreements with the Emirates are just family problems

Then, the Emirates decided that Nigerians couldn't get visas to visit Dubai. After his last meeting in Abu Dhabi, the Nigerian leader told the press that Nigeria and the Emirates are like two rooms in the same house that belong to the same family. The recent problems were seen as a family problem and were fixed peacefully. These are things that every family has to deal with.

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