Sheikh Zayed Road Closure: Diversion Map, Timings, and Alternatives

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There will be a temporary closure of a section of bustling Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai due to the 52nd Union Day celebrations and the impending United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

This will affect traffic heading towards Abu Dhabi from the Trade Centre Roundabout to the Expo Intersection.

Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road Closure: COP28 and Union Day Celebrations

In anticipation of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) and the UAE's 52nd Union Day celebrations, a segment of Dubai's vibrant Sheikh Zayed Road is set to experience a temporary closure.

The affected stretch, catering to Abu Dhabi-bound traffic, spans from the Trade Center Roundabout to the Expo Intersection. This road closure is scheduled to take place during the morning peak hours, specifically from December 1 to 3, aligning with the prominent events hosted by Dubai.

Closure Period:

There will be a detour for drivers heading towards Abu Dhabi on Sheikh Zayed Road from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on December 1–3 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Roadside smart screens will show signs directing traffic diversion and alternate routes.

Alternative Routes:

To navigate around the closure, drivers have the option to use alternative routes, including Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Emirates, Al Khail, Jumeirah, Al Wasl, and Al Khail roads. Additionally, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recommends considering public transportation during these days to mitigate disruptions.

Event Overview:


Dubai's Expo City is poised to host COP28, a significant international event spanning from November 30 to December 12. With more than 70,000 attendees from 198 countries, including heads of state, leaders, ministers, climate activists, and delegates, COP28 aims to address critical global climate issues.

Union Day celebrations:

On December 2 each year, the UAE commemorates Union Day, marking the unification of the Emirates in 1971. This year, private and public sector employees will enjoy a three-day break from December 2 to 4, contributing to the festivities surrounding the occasion.

As Dubai gears up for these noteworthy events, the temporary road closure on Sheikh Zayed Road serves to facilitate smooth operations, ensuring the safety and convenience of attendees. Motorists are advised to plan their routes accordingly, exploring alternative options or embracing public transportation during the specified closure hours. This proactive approach aims to enhance the overall experience of both event participants and the local community.

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