Places to watch National Day celebrations in the UAE today

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This past Friday, the Organizing Committee of the 52nd United Arab Emirates Union Day made an announcement on the many places across the seven emirates that would be broadcasting the highly anticipated official event for National Day on December 2.

Determing Places to watch National Day celebrations

Making a decision about where to observe the celebrations of National Day, In addition to highlighting the United Arab Emirates' journey toward sustainability, the event will showcase the cutting-edge technology and spectacular projections that have been developed this year. It will also weave an uplifting narrative of unity and collaborative effort. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. on December 2, individuals from all around the United Arab Emirates will be able to watch the livestream of the ceremony from a variety of places throughout the country. AJMAN: Masfout Fort, Marsa Ajman, UMM AL QUWAIN, Falaj Al Mualla, Fort, Al Manar Mall, RAS AL KHAIMAH: RAK Eats, FUJAIRAH: Umbrella Beach, FUJAIRAH: Umbrella Beach, AJMAN: Masfout Fort, Marsa Ajman, In addition, the livestream will be available in theaters all throughout the United Arab Emirates for viewers to participate in. Those who are at home can watch the livestream of the official ceremony that will take place at 6.30 p.m. on the official website of the UAE Union Day and on all of the local television channels. Additionally, citizens and residents of the UAE will have the opportunity to attend the public shows that will take place at Expo City from December 5 to December 12. During these shows, they will be able to witness captivating performances and an enriching narrative about the UAE's journey toward sustainability. Ticket purchases can be made through the official website for UAE Union Day, which can be found at

Determing Places to watch National Day celebrations in Abu Dhabi

identifying locations in Abu Dhabi where one may observe the celebrations on National Day, Delma Public Park, Al Mughira Central Park in Al Mirfa, Al Sila Public Park, Liwa Festival, and Zayed Al Khair Park in Ghayathi are some of the parks that are located in Cairo, A number of venues, including the Sheikh Zayed Festival, Etihad Arena, The Founder's Memorial, and Hazza bin Zayed Stadium.

determing places to watch National Day celebrations in Dubai

identifying locations in Dubai where one may observe the celebrations on National Day, Global Village, Ibn Battuta Mall, Hatta Heritage Village, Sharjah National Park, Khorfakkan Corniche, Flagpole, Kalba Corniche Park, and Al Dhaid Fort are some of the attractions that can be found in Dubai.

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