Gasoline prices fell in the UAE for the month of December

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As compared to the rates that were in effect in November 2023, the fuel price monitoring committee has given its approval for a reduction in the prices of gasoline and diesel during the month of December 2023.

The reduction is expected to be between 7 and 8 fils for gasoline and 23 fils for diesel per liter.

On Friday, December 1, 2023, the fuel distribution firms made the announcement that they would be implementing new rates, which would include a value-added tax (VAT) rate of 5%. The new prices would go into effect.

Gasoline prices drop for December

The price of a liter of Super gasoline "98" dropped by seven fils, going from 3.03 dirhams in November to 2.96 dirhams in December. Similarly, the price of a liter of private gasoline "95" dropped by seven fils, going from 2.92 dirhams in November to 2.85 dirhams in December. Additionally, the price of a liter of gasoline known as "E Plus" "91" dropped by 8 fils, going from 2.85 dirhams in November to 2.77 dirhams during the month of December. In December, the price of a liter of diesel dropped by 23 fils, from AED 3.42 in November to AED 3.19 in December. This is a decrease of 23 fils per liter.

Gasoline prices in previous months

Gasoline prices
Months/2023 Super 98 Special 95 E-Plus 91
January Dh2.78 Dh2.67 Dh2.59
February Dh3.05 Dh2.93 Dh2.86
March Dh3.09 Dh2.97 Dh2.90
April Dh3.01 Dh2.90 Dh2.82
May Dh3.16 Dh3.05 Dh2.97
June Dh2.95 Dh2.84 Dh2.76
July Dh3 Dh2.89 Dh2.81
August Dh3.14 Dh3.02 Dh2.95
September Dh3.42 Dh3.31 Dh3.23
October Dh3.44 Dh3.33 Dh3.26
November Dh3.03 Dh2.92 Dh2.85

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