Free insurance and fuel tank filling for committed drivers in the UAE

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Abu Dhabi Police conducted multiple projects through the Happiness Patrols to reward drivers who follow traffic laws in the emirate by providing them various presents and certificates, a year of free car insurance, and filling the gasoline tank.

Achieving happiness for drivers who adhere to traffic regulations

According to Abu Dhabi Police, these initiatives contribute to the happiness of drivers who follow traffic regulations, motivate them to positive behavior, and increase confidence in Abu Dhabi Police services, all while making the roads safer and more secure, pointing to the department's ongoing efforts to instill the value of following traffic rules and driving ethics. Avoid risky driving practices to improve road safety.

Honoring drivers who abide by traffic rules

Abu Dhabi Police recognized drivers who followed traffic laws in Al Ain by distributing fuel vouchers given by ADNOC Distribution, with the goal of promoting happiness in society.

Free insurance cards for one year

The Abu Dhabi Police Happiness Patrol, in collaboration with Al Rawda Insurance Company, Abu Dhabi Police's strategic partner, also rewarded a number of drivers who followed traffic rules and safety regulations by providing them with insurance cards for a year to encourage them to continue following traffic rules and positive behaviors that contribute to enhancing road safety.

Distributing many gifts to drivers

The Abu Dhabi Police Happiness Patrol also distributed many gifts to traffic-compliant drivers on various occasions throughout the year, with the goal of spreading positivity among various segments of society in order to encourage positive behaviors, adherence to traffic rules, making road users happy, and making roads safer and more peaceful.

Encouraging drivers to drive safely on the roads and rewarding them

Abu Dhabi Police emphasized its continued interest in encouraging drivers to drive safely on the roads and rewarding them for serving as role models for other drivers, as part of its strategic priorities and objectives, "Road Security," in order to preserve the safety of road users and reduce traffic accidents and the resulting loss of life. And real estate.

Instill the value of respecting traffic rules and driving ethics

Major Nasser Saleh bin Badwa Al Darmaki, the Directorate's Happiness Patrol team leader, stated that the "Happiness Patrols" contribute to happiness for drivers who follow traffic regulations, motivate them to positive behaviors, and boost confidence in Abu Dhabi Police services, emphasizing the importance of instilling the value of respecting police rules. Traffic and driving ethics, avoiding dangerous driving practices, and improving road safety are all topics covered.

Providing patrols with smart equipment and systems

In 2016, Abu Dhabi Police launched the Traffic Happiness Patrol, the state's first initiative of its kind, and provided the patrols with equipment, smart systems, and means to support their work in spreading the culture of happiness and positivity among all road users across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and raising traffic awareness methods to the highest standards and practices, which is a priority for the Directorate. Road safety is improved by traffic and patrols.

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