The emirates warns against terminating resident work contracts in the following situations

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The Ministry of Human Resources in the Emirates announced cases that allow employers in the Emirates to terminate employment contracts for their residents, after which they are deported from the country. These are common cases in which many residents of the Emirates fall.

Cases of employment contract termination in the UAE

Employers in the Emirates also have the right to terminate their employee contracts if the employee accepts a job in another facility, without following the applicable controls and procedures and the provisions of the UAE labor law.

According to the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, this system works to protect the rights of both parties to the contract, because committing any of them would hurt the employer.

Employers may also terminate a worker's contract if he impersonates someone else or presents falsified certifications or documents, according to the Ministry.

If the employee makes a mistake that causes the employer a significant financial loss or purposefully damages the employer's property and admits it.

In the event that the worker breaches the facility's internal system's directives about work or workplace safety.

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Failure to consume basic meals

The Ministry also stated that the employer has the authority to terminate the worker's contract if he fails to perform his fundamental tasks in line with the employment contract and continues to do so in the face of a written investigation.

If he does this regularly and reveals a work secret relating to industrial or intellectual property, or if it results in losses to the company, or a loss of an opportunity, or delivers personal advantage to the employee, he will be warned twice about dismissal.

The employer has the right to terminate the worker's contract if the worker is determined to be under the influence of a psychotropic substance or has performed an act that breaches public morality in the workplace during working hours.

In the case that he assaults the employer, the in-charge manager, or one of his superiors or colleagues at work.

Absence from work without justification

A worker's contract may be terminated if he or she is absent without a justifiable reason or an excuse approved by the employer for more than 20 consecutive days in one year, or for more than seven consecutive days.

If the employee illegally exploits his working position for personal advantage, and if the worker joins work for another facility without following the restrictions and procedures established in this respect.

Notice of termination of the employment contract

The UAE government stated that either party to the contract may terminate employment for any legitimate reason in accordance with Article (43) of the Labor Law in the UAE, but in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The other party must be notified in writing of the termination of the employment contract.
  • It is permissible to continue executing the employment contract during the waiting period, provided that it is not less than one month and does not exceed 3 months.
  • The employee is given the wage agreed upon within the terms of the contract in full during that period.
  • A party that does not adhere to the warning period must pay financial compensation to the other party, which is called “warning allowance.”

Work routines in the United Arab Emirates

The employee works for a single employer during the entirety of the working week for a total of eight hours per day, five days per week. This arrangement is referred to as full-time employment.

Working "part time" means that you do your duties for an employer (or employers) for a certain portion of the available working hours or days.

Work that is classified as temporary is work in which the nature of its execution necessitates the allocation of a particular amount of time or mandates the performance of the work itself and comes to an end once the work is finished.

flexible employment in uae

Employment that is considered to be flexible is employment in which the employee works at varied times according to the conditions and requirements of the task, and employment in which the hours of work or working days change according to the volume of work, as well as the economic and operational variables of the employer. employment that is flexible may also be referred to as employment that is "on demand."

Work that is performed away from the typical place of employment, with electronic communication between the employee and employer acting as the primary medium of interaction between the parties engaged in place of the worker's actual presence in the traditional place of employment serving as the primary medium of contact between the parties involved in the work.

In order to ensure that the tasks and responsibilities can be fulfilled in line with what was previously agreed upon and that the wage ratio is maintained, these tasks and responsibilities are distributed among more than one worker. Workers are treated in a manner that is consistent with the regulations that govern part-time employment.

UAE visas and employment contracts

  • Tourist visas do not allow work.
  • A tourist visa can be converted into a work visa if the person gets a job before the visa expires, per law.
  • All recruitment costs are covered by the business.
  • Make sure the employer is legit. Visit the National Economic Register website to confirm.

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