Emirates Airlines announces a surprise about its flights

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Emirates confirmed the departure of its first flights from Dubai International Airport using sustainable aviation fuel "SAF " supplied by Shell Aviation.

On October 24, the flight "k412" heading for Sydney became one of the first Emirates flights to use sustainable aviation fuel.

Shell Aviation has provided Emirates with 315 thousand gallons of "SAF" blend for use at the carrier's hub in Dubai, allowing it to run a number of flights on this fuel in recent weeks.

Shell delivered the "SAF" fuel blend to the fuel supply system at Dubai International Airport, which consists of 40% net "SAF" and 60% conventional aviation gasoline A-1.

This ratio's chemical qualities are identical to conventional jet fuel, and it can be effortlessly incorporated into the airport's current fuel system infrastructure as well as used in the engines of the whole Emirates fleet without any modifications.

Benefits of using this fuel

In comparison to traditional aviation fuel, the "SAF" fuel with its current composition cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% throughout its use stages.

Emirates also monitors SAF fuel receipt, use, and environmental benefits via the "Avelia Avelia" platform, a blockchain-based system licensed by Shell Aviation.

"We are taking proactive measures to enable more sustainable aviation now and in the future, and operating flights from our hub in Dubai is just one of the steps to reduce emissions, preserve the environment, and reduce our carbon footprint, We still have a long way to go, and we hope that our partnership with Shell Aviation will inspire more producers to increase the supply of SAF fuel and make it easily available in major hubs such as Dubai," said Emirates chairman Sir Tim Clark.

"Emirates and Shell have a long history of cooperation, and we are pleased to continue this journey together to enable the use of SAF fuel in the UAE, and this first-ever supply of SAF fuel to Emirates in Dubai is just an example of what can be achieved when the various parties of the aviation industry come together," Jan toschka, president of Shell Aviation, said in a statement.

Agreement between Emirates Airlines and Shell Aviation

Emirates and "Shell Aviation" have signed a memorandum of understanding to discuss potential areas of collaboration in sustainable travel and technology-enabled travel experiences.

The two parties agreed to conduct a collaborative review of mechanisms for reducing travel-related emissions. Emirates is presently employing Shell's "Avelia Avelia" platform to track the environmental benefits that SAF provides to its consumers.

Emirates' long-term efforts are embodied in real and targeted initiatives across three sectors that comprise its environmental framework: emissions reduction, responsible consumption, and animal and habitat conservation.

This year, the airline announced the establishment of a USD 200 million fund for research and development projects aimed at reducing the impact of fossil fuels in commercial aviation, representing one of the largest individual sustainability commitments of any airline, and Emirates is seeking partnerships with leading organizations working on advanced fuel and energy technologies over the next three years.

It is worth noting that in January of this year, Emirates conducted the first test flight in the region using 100% "safe" gasoline.

The first Emirates flight utilizing sustainable gasoline took off from Chicago O'Hare International Airport in 2017, and the airline has subsequently undertaken flights with "safe" fuel from Stockholm, Paris, Lyon, and Oslo.

Emirates is a member of a number of UAE industry and government working groups, as well as continuous collaborations with various relevant bodies to help expand the production and supply of sustainable aviation fuel.

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