Dubai police have recently announced the rescue of 191 children

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The specialist teams of the Directorate-General for Transport and Rescue of the Dubai Police rescued 191 children trapped in vehicles, houses, and elevators during the first nine months of the current year, while 217 children were rescued from the same incidents last year.

General Said Hamad bin Sulaiman Al Malik said that the Dubai police were paying increased attention to children and had a qualified team in the Directorate-General for Transport and Rescue to deal immediately with incidents that could be suffered by this group, as they could not afford to pay for themselves or act properly when they were stuck in vehicles or in elevators and homes. There had been instances where ground rescue intervened moments before children had been suffocated, as a result of the neglect of their relatives or persons involved in their care.

191 children were rescued by the Dubai police in nine months.

The Director of the Directorate-General for Transport and Rescue of the Dubai Police, Major General Said Hamad bin Sulaiman Al Malik, said that some of the children rescued were vulnerable to other complications, such as suffocation and panic attacks, and explained that many cases of children being trapped in vehicles were the result of the dependence of one parent on the other.

Rescue of 70 children left by their parents inside the vehicles

From the beginning of the current year until the end of September, rescue teams had intervened to remove 70 children trapped in vehicles, stressing the need for attention from parents given the consequences of such incidents, which on several occasions had resulted in the death of children asphyxiating in the car or injuries.

Police announce the rescue of 133 children in their homes in Dubai.

He noted that the department teams had rescued 133 children who had been confined to homes during the past year, compared with 114 children who had been rescued from the same incidents during the first nine months of the current year, He explained that there had been incidents in which rescue teams had moved as a result of reports from neighbors who had noticed children crying or screaming alone inside the house, noting that such behavior by parents caused a state of alarm in their children when they were exposed to an emergency and discovered that they were unable to leave the house.

Dubai police have instructions for parents to keep their children safe.

Ben Sleiman said that it was necessary for working parents to provide a means of preventing their children from being left alone in the home, especially those at a young age who were unable to make the right decisions, noting that there had been accidents caused by such behavior and the consequences for the family in the event of harm to the child, away from the due legal accountability of neglected parents. He pointed out that rescue teams had intervened to get eight children trapped in elevators last year and seven others within nine months of the current year, stressing the need to pay attention to them as they rode the elevator because many of them acted curiously and shoved their fingers into the vacuum between the door and the elevator, making them vulnerable to serious injuries.

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