Dubai Municipality announces the opening of two new labor community markets

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The Dubai Municipality has initiated a project to rehabilitate an already established community market as well as construct two new worker community marketplaces. This new effort is being launched as part of a bigger program that aims to improve the accessibility and diversity of community markets in labor zones as part of its overall mission.

Expanding Laborer Community Markets in Dubai

The first of the new markets will be a substantial 16,000 square feet in size and is planned for Al Quoz 3, while the second will occupy 9,200 square feet in Muhaisanah 2. Additionally, an existing market, spanning 14,000 square feet in Al Quoz 4, will undergo a refurbishment.

Diverse Products and Affordable Rates

These community markets are envisioned to serve the diverse needs of laborers. They offer a wide range of products, including ready-to-eat food, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, clothing, footwear, perfumes, mobile phones, electronics, and the services of barbers and tailors.

Importantly, these products are made available at affordable rates, ensuring accessibility for the labor community. The authorities enforce strict compliance with health, safety, and food safety standards to guarantee the well-being of consumers.

A Hub for Socializing and Recreation

These markets are more than just places to shop; they serve as hubs for relaxation and recreation for the labor force. Workers can visit these markets to unwind after a hard day's labor. For example, the Al Quoz 4 market has become a popular destination for activities such as snooker and carom games, all offered at budget-friendly prices.

Community activities and social responsibility

Local companies collaborate with these markets to host various recreational, sporting, health, and community activities, all provided free of charge to laborers. This approach aims to enhance the overall well-being of the labor force and foster a sense of community among workers.

Eliminating unregulated markets

In 2022, the Dubai Municipality, in collaboration with the police, launched the first licensed market in a labor zone. This initiative was instrumental in curbing illegal pop-up markets by providing dedicated shopping spaces for laborers. The move ensured safer and more controlled shopping environments.

Prioritizing Laborer Welfare

Dr. Naseem Rafie, Director of the Health and Safety Department, emphasized the Dubai Municipality's commitment to laborer welfare. The comprehensive plan seeks to reinforce social responsibility by creating a secure and distinctive shopping experience for laborers. This approach aims to meet their various needs while upholding the highest standards of public health, occupational safety, and proactive prevention measures.

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