Dubai announces an important initiative that includes children of citizens and residents

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Dubai has made a significant announcement on a new program that will include the children of its inhabitants and residents

The program known as "Child Seat... Safety and Serenity" was started by the Dubai Police Department as an important effort to protect children when they are traveling on the roadways. The major purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness among parents about the significance of utilizing child seats in automobiles, with the ultimate goal of lowering the number of injuries and deaths that are caused by traffic accidents among young passengers.

The Director of the General Department of Traffic at the Dubai Police Department, Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, emphasized the utmost significance of ensuring the well-being of youngsters. He strongly encouraged parents to make the safety of their children a top priority by installing kid safety seats in the backseats of their automobiles and always wearing seatbelts.

Al Mazroui underlined that letting a kid who is less than ten years old or who is shorter than 145 centimeters to sit in the front seat is not only a risky habit, but it is also against the law and may result in a fine of 400 dirhams.

The numbers provide a frightening picture. The General Department of Traffic in Dubai has recorded 47 incidents over the course of the previous ten months. These accidents have resulted in the terrible deaths of two children and varied injuries to 45 other youngsters.

The severity of these injuries varied from moderate to severe; nevertheless, all of them might have been minimized or avoided entirely if appropriate kid safety seats had been used.

The Dubai Police intends to spread information and encourage the right use of kid seats in an attempt to solve this problem. This will ensure the safety of all passengers when they are traveling in cars. This campaign will educate parents on how to properly install child safety seats and how to choose the appropriate kind of seat for their kid based on their child's age.

In an admirable show of support, campaign partners, including Audi and Noon, are providing child seats and incentives to bolster the initiative. In addition, as part of this initiative, the Dubai Police wants to give out free child seats to parents in a variety of different areas around the emirate.

Ultimately, the “Child Seat: Safety and Serenity” campaign is a vital step towards protecting the youngest members of our community. Dubai is making great advances in improving road safety and protecting the lives of its children by raising awareness of the issue, enforcing legislation regarding the use of child safety seats, and providing help in a practical sense.

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