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Educators are prohibited from providing private tutoring services to pupils attending their own institutions. In order to obtain a private tuition work permit, instructors are required to sign a "code of conduct" which expressly prohibits them from "providing services directly to students affiliated with their schools."

It is imperative that any potential conflicts of interest be disclosed, as stated in the seven-point document.

A new license to conduct courses outside educational institutions

At the same time that it announced a new authorization to conduct courses outside of educational institutions, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) legalized private tutoring in December of the previous year.

When it was first reported that the permit will be granted, educators stated that they would discourage teachers from privately coaching their own kids because doing so may potentially lead to a conflict of interest with the students. They had expressed worries over the teachers' ability to maintain impartiality or fairness, particularly in instances that involved evaluation.

Standards of behavior

"Private tuitions" is the "practice of providing educational lessons outside of school hours by qualified educators," according to the definition provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

The signed code of conduct is one of the documents that applicants are required to provide in order to obtain the permit that is valid for two years.

In their interactions with their students, teachers are expected to maintain a professional demeanor and prevent from engaging in "inappropriate activities such as sending them emails or images." Additionally, they are required to refrain from making physical contact with their charges.

On top of these, the paper also includes the following:

Maintaining the confidentiality of information pertaining to kids and their parents is an absolute necessity.

Not under any circumstances may students be exposed to any form of violence, whether it be verbal or physical.

You should avoid engaging in discussions that involve themes that contain thoughts or conceptions that are abnormal or radical, or that are not in line with the national identity of the state.

How can one be instructed?

Individuals who are registered teachers, individuals who are already employed, individuals who are unemployed, kids between the ages of 15 and 18, and students attending universities are some of the individuals who are eligible to apply for the permit that is provided at no cost.

Private tutors who have obtained a permission from the Ministry of Human Resources and Education website are able to instruct students in a variety of topics. All of them include:

  • Mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, sociology, food science, and other academic subjects are included in this category.
  • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and other languages are examples of them.
  • Business topics including trade, accounting and economics.
  • Social subjects such as geography and history (for example).
  • Creative endeavors and artistic design
  • Studies in Arabic and Islamic subjects
  • Physical education lessons
  • Production of films and videos, graphic design, and multimedia, among other things
  • Theater, music, and dance are all included.

Instructions on how to apply

During the time that parents are looking for teachers to assist their children in receiving educational support, the permit intends to put a stop to illegal and unregulated private tuitions.

Fines and other penalties will be imposed on individuals who are found to be providing private courses without a licensed instructor. Individuals who meet the requirements can submit their application for the permission through the Ministry of Housing and Rural Enterprise's website or mobile application.

The prerequisites are different for each individual who is the applicant. Some of the documents that might be necessary include the following, among others:

  • Proof of residency in the United Arab Emirates (passport or Emirates ID)
  • Code of conduct has been signed
  • A certificate of integrity and morality
  • Letter from the employer stating that there are no objections
  • a certificate from the guardian stating that there are no objections to the student's ability to provide individual tutoring services
  • Evidence of previous work experience (if any)

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