The 52nd Union Day celebrations in Abu Dhabi

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The Sheikh Zayed Festival has revealed an incredible roster of events, activities, and shows that are large, one-of-a-kind, and greatly awaited by the public, This announcement was made in commemoration of the 52nd National Day.

An extraordinary lineup of spectacular and highly anticipated activities will take place in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of the 52nd National Day

In celebration of the 52nd National Day, the Sheikh Zayed Festival has revealed an amazing lineup of events, activities, and shows that are big, one-of-a-kind, and eagerly anticipated by the audience, Events such as the Union Parade, mesmerizing drone shows, mesmerizing fireworks displays, captivating Emirates Fountain performances, the International Civilizations Parade, and a variety of cultural, heritage, and entertainment celebrations will be held on the Festival grounds and pavilions. These celebrations will bring the Festival grounds and pavilions to life.

Abu Dhabi will host a celebrations and diverse range of thrilling events to commemorate the Union Day

The 52nd Union Day celebrations are sure to captivate attendees throughout the entirety of the festival, with a variety of captivating competitions and prizes to choose from. As a manifestation of a national image that conveys patriotism and a profound sense of connection to the nation and its leadership, the Union Parade, which is planned to take place on December 3rd, is an important event.

Around 4,800 lights have been installed throughout the streets by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality

A number of important locations, such as Abu Dhabi Corniche Street and major highways, such as Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Sheikh Zayed Street, and Airport Street, are adorned with geometric shapes that have been installed around Abu Dhabi Island and its surrounding areas. During the ceremonies of National Day, the designs, which are varied but harmonious, are a representation of the nation's optimism and energy.

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