Abu Dhabi court rejects Man demands 156,000 dirhams for rent from his ex-wife

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The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court rejected a man's claim that his ex-wife owed him 156,000 dirhams in housing allowance payments spread out over seventy-eight months.

A man filed a claim with the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court seeking reimbursement from his former spouse for housing allowances totaling 156,000 dirhams. This amount was purportedly paid over a span of 78 months. The plaintiff contended that his ex-wife, who received a housing allowance from her employer, should return the sum, as it was received unlawfully.

The lawsuit, filed by the man against his former spouse, aimed to compel her to repay the aforementioned sum for nursery residence rent over a period of six years and six months. The plaintiff asserted that following their divorce, his ex-wife continued to receive a housing allowance of 2,000 dirhams per month.

However, it was revealed that her employer provided accommodation for her and her children, rendering the housing allowance unnecessary. In support of his claim, the plaintiff submitted copies of the defendant's employment contract, identity cards of the parties and children, and birth certificates.

In the course of the proceedings, the defendant argued that the plaintiff's contract did not contain any provisions for housing allocation. She contended that her basic salary amounted to 8,400 dirhams, with allowances totaling 5,600 dirhams, and she was solely responsible for the children's expenses. The defendant requested the dismissal of the case due to a lack of validity and supporting evidence.

The court, in its ruling, emphasized that the plaintiff's claim relied on the premise that he was obligated, by judicial decree, to pay housing rent. However, no evidence was provided to indicate that the court had rescinded this obligation. Consequently, the lawsuit lacked merit and was dismissed. The plaintiff was ordered to bear the costs and fees associated with the case.

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