Abu Dhabi Court obligates a company to pay compensation of 125 thousand dirhams to an employee

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The Abu Dhabi Court announced that a company was obligated to pay financial compensation amounting to 125 thousand dirhams to an employee because he suffered injuries at work because the company did not provide safety equipment for workers.

An employee will be entitled to compensation in the amount of 125 thousand dirhams, as ordered by the Abu Dhabi Court.

An employee of the company was injured while working, and the Abu Dhabi Court ruled that the corporation was responsible for providing financial compensation to the employee in the sum of 125 thousand dirhams. The employee's injuries were caused by the fact that the company did not provide safety equipment for workers.

Obliging a company to compensate a worker in the amount of 125 thousand dirhams

requiring a corporation to pay a worker a sum equal to 125 thousand dirhams as compensation for their services, A verdict from a court of first instance in Abu Dhabi has been overturned by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court. The original ruling said that a corporation was required to pay a worker 80,000 dirhams as compensation for injuries he incurred while performing his job. The court determined that the amount of compensation should be changed to 125 thousand dirhams because the corporation did not provide the proper and essential methods of security and prevention. His limb was rendered permanently disabled as a result of the injuries, and the predicted disability rate was twenty percent.

Failure to provide safety measures to employees in companies causes serious accidents

Accidents of a serious kind are caused when organizations fail to give safety precautions to their personnel, In detail, a worker filed a lawsuit in which he demanded that a company be obligated to pay him an amount of 300,000 dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damages he suffered, as well as a legal interest of 12%, and obligate it to pay fees and expenses and in exchange for legal fees, on the basis that he was working for it as a worker, and while he was performing his work. The front component of the concrete pump broke off and landed on him, causing him to suffer a severe injury as well as a broken leg in his right leg. As a consequence of the injury, he was forced to have surgery, and the injury has left him with a disability that is permanent. This is because the company made the mistake of not providing adequate industrial safety conditions, as well as the requisite security and prevention measures that were required to safeguard him. Workplace hazards led to the filing of a criminal complaint over the aforementioned occurrence, which resulted in the court ruling in absentia that the company was guilty of the charge that had been brought against it and fining it a total of three thousand dirhams. Because there was no successful appeal of the decision, it is now considered to be final. Because of the mistake made by the corporation, the plaintiff in the case sustained financial as well as emotional harm, which led him to initiate legal action. The worker submitted an appeal, ruling that the case was not accepted because the appellant had not first turned to the labor disputes committees at the Ministry of Labor in line with the rules of the Labor Law before turning to the court. The appellant filed an appeal, and the Court of Appeal decided to accept both the form and the substance of the appeal. As a result, the appealed ruling was overturned, and the case was sent back to the court of first instance so that it might continue being heard there and be decided. in regard to the subject.

Abu Dhabi Court ruling to compensate a worker after he was injured at work

A worker who was wounded on the job will be compensated, per a verdict from the Abu Dhabi Court, The court of first instance issued a ruling ordering the defendant corporation to be required to pay the plaintiff-worker a sum equal to eighty thousand dirhams, as well as to be required to pay fees and expenditures as well as legal fees. The appellant was dissatisfied with this finding, so he filed an appeal against it and requested that the ruling be changed in such a way that the amount awarded to the appellant would be owed to him for the material losses he experienced. A moral amount of one hundred fifty thousand dirhams, as well as an obligation for the appellant to pay fees and expenses, as well as attorney fees, for both levels of the action.

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