Abu Dhabi Court fines a man 49,000 dirhams due to a passport issue

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Hours ago, the Abu Dhabi Court issued a judicial ruling imposing a fine on a man worth 49,000 dirhams due to the passport issue. The man was charged with fraud for not complying with completing the task of obtaining the passport and illegally seizing the money of others.

A man was given a fine of 49,000 dirhams by a court in Abu Dhabi because of an issue with his passport.

Because of the problem with his passport, the Abu Dhabi Court just now handed down a verdict that fined a man 49,000 dirhams and ordered him to pay it immediately. The individual was charged with fraud because he failed to comply with the requirement to complete the work of getting the passport and fraudulently seized the money of others.

Abu Dhabi Court punishes a man who seized 44 thousand dirhams through a passport scam

A man who stole 44,000 dirhams by impersonating a passport official was sentenced to prison by an Abu Dhabi court, In addition to having to pay a fine of another 5,000 dirhams, the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court decided that a certain individual was responsible for returning an amount of money equaling 44,000 dirhams to another individual. He was given the money by him in order to get a passport, and he made a customs declaration to show that he had done so; however, he did not adhere to the arrangement, and when he was requested to pay the sum, he put off paying it for a long time.

Resorting to the judiciary after being exposed to fraud in the UAE

After being made aware of fraudulent activity in the UAE, they turned to the judicial system, In the specifics, the individual who is referred to as "the plaintiff" filed a lawsuit against another individual who is referred to as the "defendant." At the end of the lawsuit, the "plaintiff" requested that the "defendant" be obligated to pay him 44 thousand dirhams, 30 thousand in compensation, and the legal interest at a rate of 12% from the date the lawsuit was filed until full payment, in addition to obliging him to pay fees and expenses. On the basis of the statement that the plaintiff delivered this amount to the defendant; In order for the defendant to obtain a passport, he issued a customary declaration to that effect; However, he did not abide by the agreement, and when the plaintiff was asked to pay the amount, the defendant delayed, which led to the plaintiff filing the current lawsuit against him.

An Abu Dhabi court obliges a man to return the money to its owners and not seize it

A guy is ordered by a court in Abu Dhabi to give the money back to its rightful owners and not to keep it for himself, The court explained, in response to the plaintiff's request to compel the defendant to pay a sum equal to 44,000 dirhams, that in accordance with Article 28 of the Evidence Law, what is proven in the statement that is attributed to its issuance by the defendant and the legal translator is that he received 44,000 dirhams from the plaintiff in order to obtain a passport. This was stated in the statement that was attributed to its issuance by the defendant and the legal translator.

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