A court fined a man 2,000 dirhams for an intentional collision in the UAE

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A man fined 2,000 dirhams for intentionally ramming another's vehicle, posing a threat to life, following an ongoing dispute. The victim's video evidence played a crucial role in the court's decision.

Road Rage Incident: Fines Issued After Deliberate Collision

In a recent legal development, the Dibba Al-Fujairah Criminal Court imposed a fine of 2,000 dirhams on an individual who intentionally rammed another person's vehicle, putting their life at risk. The incident unfolded as a result of an ongoing dispute between the two parties, with the accused repeatedly swerving his car towards the victim and ultimately colliding with it.

The victim, seeking legal redress, filed a lawsuit detailing the intentional nature of the collision. According to the complainant, the accused targeted him on an internal road, causing damage to both the vehicle and the complainant's mobile phone. Additionally, a medical examination of the victim revealed bruises on his hand and ribs, confirming that he had suffered injuries.

Accused's Defense:

During the legal proceedings, the accused denied the allegations but admitted to being the owner of the vehicle captured in a video recording provided by the complainant. The court confronted the accused with the video evidence, clearly showing the vehicle turning towards the victim's car. Despite the accused's attempt to explain the maneuver as a response to a natural curvature in the road, the victim contested this, presenting another video capturing the intentional nature of the collision.

Video Evidence:

The court, empowered to form its belief from all elements presented, relied on the evidence before it. The accused's denial was dismissed in light of the video recordings and the victim's consistent statements. The court found the accused guilty of endangering the victim's life and causing injury, leading to the imposition of fines.

This legal ruling underscores the significance of video evidence in road rage incidents and emphasizes the judiciary's commitment to fair and just resolutions. It establishes a precedent for using visual proof to determine guilt in cases involving dangerous driving and intentional collisions.

Court Ruling:

The fine, in accordance with Article 213 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, amounts to 1,000 dirhams for each charge of endangering lives and assault. This legal consequence serves as a deterrent, sending a clear message about the repercussions of engaging in reckless and harmful behavior on the roads. The case highlights the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and the potential legal consequences for those involved in road conflicts.

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