The judiciary requires 3 men to pay 200,000 dirhams to a woman and deported from the Emirates

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The Abu Dhabi Court issued a judicial ruling obligating 3 men to pay 200,000 dirhams to a woman and deport them from the Emirates after imprisoning them for 6 months due to a fraudulent scam and claiming to be employees.

After being ordered to pay a woman 200,000 dirhams each, three men were kicked out of the Emirates and deported.

As a result of their participation in a fraudulent scheme and falsely claiming to be employees, three men were sentenced to imprisonment in Abu Dhabi for a period of six months and ordered to pay a woman 200,000 dirhams in compensation before being deported from the Emirates.

3 scammers seize 200,000 dirhams from a woman

Three con artists manage to steal 200,000 dirhams from a woman, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court ruled that three fraudsters were required to pay a woman 200,000 dirhams, which they had seized from her account. This was because one of the fraudsters had misled the woman into believing that he was a government employee, and that she was required to update her data, at which point he obtained her bank card information and stole the amount.

A woman in the Emirates had her money seized from her bank account after she was exposed to fraud

After being the victim of fraudulent activity, the funds from a woman's bank account in the Emirates were taken away from her, In the lawsuit that a woman brought against three fraudsters, she demanded that they be jointly obligated to pay 200,000 dirhams, and that they be obligated to pay fees and expenses, pointing out that the defendants obtained her bank card information and seized 200,000 dirhams from her account by using fraudulent methods, and that they were criminally convicted of a crime. Seizing money through fraudulent means, sentencing them to six months in prison and deportation from the state, preventing them from using the information network for two months, and requiring them to pay court fees; all of this occurred while neither the defendants nor their representatives were present during the hearing of the case, and they were notified via a telephone text message. For what it's worth, she vouched for it. The court found the defendants guilty of stealing the money of the plaintiff by using their fraudulent method and by impersonating an incorrect identity. Specifically, one of the defendants convinced the victim that he worked for the government and that she needed to update her personal data. This would have led the victim to believe that she was being tricked and would have caused her to hand over her phone numbers. Utilizing her ATM card, she withdrew the specified amount of cash from her account and then transferred it to the bank accounts of the accused.

Abu Dhabi Court punishes fraudsters who seize money from bank accounts

Fraudsters who steal money from bank accounts can be held accountable by the Abu Dhabi Court, The court indicated that the error upon which the defendants were convicted was the same error on the basis of which the plaintiff based her filing of the present lawsuit, and that a necessary chapter had been made in the occurrence of the act that constitutes the common basis between the criminal and civil lawsuits, as well as in the legal description of this act and its attribution to its perpetrator, and the court ruled. The court also indicated that the defendants should not have been convicted on the basis of the error. by compelling the joint defendants to compensate the plaintiff with a sum of two hundred thousand dirhams and by compelling the defendants to pay the plaintiff's attorneys' fees and other associated costs.

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