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Urgent .. UAE warns of successive and rapid rain waves during midnight
Abdallah Shahin - 5 hours

It is anticipated by the National Meteorological Center that the probability of precipitation will gradually increase in various regions of the state. This precipitation will be in the form of waves that are consecutive and rapid, and it will be...

Sharjah announces the provision of a monthly subscription service for public parking services
rawda samy - 8 hours

Sharjah has made the announcement that it will be offering a monthly subscription service for parking services accessible to the public.

NCM warns of heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout the UAE
Muhamed abdo - 11 hours

The UAE Meteorological Authority issues warnings to citizens and residents of heavy rain and bad weather across the country.

Sharjah announces raising bus fares due to rising fuel prices
Muhamed abdo - 11 hours

Fuel prices in the United Arab Emirates have increased, and some Sharjah buses have seen their fares go up by as much as Dh3

The UAE announces the determination of working hours during the month of Ramadan for these entities
ahmed atef - 11 hours

The UAE declares what these entities' working hours will be during the month of Ramadan.

A 60-year-old Abu Dhabi resident wins a million-dollar prize in Dubai
rawda samy - 11 hours

An Abu Dhabi citizen who is sixty years old has won a prize of one million dollars in Dubai.

The Meteorological Center warns of heavy rain and thunderstorms in the Emirates
rawda samy - 12 hours

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to devastate the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE announces official working hours during the month of Ramadan
rawda samy - 12 hours

reducing the number of hours worked. During the month of Ramadan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sets the official working hours.

UAE: RTA completely prohibits the use of e-scooters in these places
Ahmed Moawad - 16 hours

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, issued an urgent decision to ban the use of e-scooters, in implementation of safety measures that came into effect starting this week.

The UAE grants a multiple entry visa to Indians for a 5-year
Ahmed Moawad - 17 hours

The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai announced the provision of a multiple entry visa for Indian citizens wishing to come to the UAE for tourism for a period of 5 years.

The UAE gives these residents a subsidy to search for job opportunities after the expiration of the visa
Ahmed Moawad - 18 hours

The UAE government has announced that certain categories of UAE residents are exempt from completing official procedures and exploring other job opportunities after their visas expire.

Air tickets worth 1 dirham for travelers from Dubai to some international destinations
rawda samy - 1 day

Passengers departing from Dubai to certain overseas locations are eligible to purchase air tickets worth one dirham.

Public Prosecution in The UAE warns of a fine of up to 500,000 dirhams due to electronic publications
rawda samy - 1 day

Residents of the United Arab Emirates who fall for deceptive advertisements risk a fine of up to Dh500,000.

Procedures for granting an employee in the UAE a loan in exchange for end-of-service benefits
rawda samy - 1 day

processes for loaning money to a UAE employee in return for perks at the end of their employment.

UAE: Late Payment Fees up to 60% by Installment Companies
Asma - 1 day

Dealers collaborating with installment companies have raised concerns regarding the exorbitant late payment fees imposed, which can range from 40 to 60% of the installment value and are applied monthly for each delay.

UAE Court Rejects Employee Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Credit Card Usage
Asma - 1 day

An employee of a company has filed a lawsuit against the company owner and four officials, alleging exploitation and unauthorized spending of 49,500 dirhams from his credit card. Although they admitted to the withdrawal and paid back 13,500 dirhams,...

UAE government announces three senior appointments in State Security Department
Asma - 1 day

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has recently enacted a series of decrees aimed at restructuring the leadership of Dubai’s State Security Department, as disclosed by the...

Dubai announces up to 75% discounts at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale
Asma - 1 day

Big Bad Wolf, established in 2009, has grown into a global phenomenon, spanning 37 cities across 15 countries and territories.

UAE issues clarification regarding the deportation of passengers holding Dubai visas who are in another emirat
ahmed atef - 1 day

There is a 'circular' that is being circulated on WhatsApp among those working in the travel and tourism industry, which is causing confusion for transportation brokers and passengers.

RTA announces a new list of prohibitions on the Dubai Metro and trams
rawda samy - 1 day

Recently, the Roads and Transport Authority announced a new list of restrictions that apply to the Dubai Metro and trams.

Taxi prices in the UAE have increased in some areas due to gasoline prices
rawda samy - 1 day

The cost of gasoline has led to a rise in taxi fares in certain regions of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai residents are exposed to fraud and the police issue important alerts
rawda samy - 1 day

Due to the fact that the inhabitants of Dubai are vulnerable to fraud, the police have issued significant warnings.

Dubai announces an important decision regarding petrol stations
Muhamed abdo - 1 day

One of the most significant decisions concerning gas stations has been announced by Dubai.

Etihad Rail delights citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi and Dubai with new decisions
Muhamed abdo - 1 day

Etihad Rail delights everyone in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with new decisions