Human Resources and Emiratisation: 36 thousand jobs in the private sector

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For the private sector companies that are included in the semi-annual Emiratization percentage decisions for skilled jobs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization anticipated that the Emiratization targets would reach 36,000 jobs by the end of the following year. This number would include 24,000 skilled jobs for citizens in companies that employ 50 or more workers, as well as 12 thousand jobs in companies that employ 20 to 49 workers. These jobs would be distributed across 14 primary and specific economic sectors.

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mannan Al Awar, has confirmed that "the next stage will witness the launch of new strategies and plans that guarantee the continuity and sustainability of the employment of Emirati cadres in the private sector." In addition, the Minister has stated that "specific qualification programs that ensure their empowerment according to the needs of the labor market and their involvement in the private sector will also be launched during this stage." The two programs for developing medical and health sector cadres, the program for developing educational cadres, the program for vocational and practical training for students from the ninth grade all the way up to the final year of higher education, and other programs related to pushing the wheel of Emiratization toward broader horizons are some examples of such programs.

According to what he stated in the November issue of the Ministry's "Labor Market"magazine, the strategies for sustainable Emiratization come two years after the launch of the Emirati cadre competitiveness program (NAFES), and the jump that the private sector witnessed in the number of citizens, specifically with the entry of more than 55,000 citizens into the private sector during the period of time that the NAFES was in effect. Because of the intelligent policies that were implemented by the government of the United Arab Emirates to boost the role of local cadres in the labor market, there are currently more than 85,000 male and female citizens working in the private sector. This is a result of the policies that were announced two years ago.

The Minister noted that the Emiratization aims of attaining a 1% semi-annual growth rate in skilled employment in companies that employ 50 or more employees will offer 24,000 jobs for citizens yearly. In addition, the targets of companies that employ 20 to 49 workers will be added to it, and these targets will be implemented throughout 14 different industries. Since each firm is required to appoint at least one citizen in a skilled position in the following year, and another citizen in a skilled job in 2025, this will result in an additional 12,000 jobs being made available to citizens on a yearly basis. Main and particular economic activities, as well as 71 sub-activities, will be carried out over the course of the next two years.

He went on to say that the Ministry intends to introduce a new generation of services in order to make people's lives easier, whether they are individuals or business owners. He emphasized that the efforts that are currently being made in this context are not distinct from the efforts that were made in the past, which paved the way for the simplification, speed, and efficiency of government procedures that the Ministry is witnessing today, and that these efforts will continue to be highly effective throughout the period. By adhering to the principle of requesting data only once, merging and reducing procedures and requirements, and achieving proactiveness in providing services, which reduced the number of steps required to complete many services, the next stage is achieved. This stage is accomplished by enhancing the integration of efforts between federal and local authorities.

By adhering to the principle of requesting information only once, integrating and reducing procedures and requirements, and achieving proactiveness in providing services, he emphasized that responding to the voice of the customer is a priority in the design of the ministry's services. The ministry's goal is to facilitate the lives of all segments of society, including individuals and business owners, in order to make the services faster, simpler, and more efficient.

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