Azizi Developments Introduces Dh30 Bn Azizi Venice Project in Dubai

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Azizi Developments has unveiled a groundbreaking project in Dubai South called Azizi Venice, which comes with a price tag of AED30bn ($8.2bn).

Azizi Developments

Dubai-based property developer Azizi Developments has unveiled its latest ambitious project, Azizi Venice, a mixed-use desert oasis community worth Dh30 billion. Situated in Dubai South, this project is inspired by the beauty of Venice and is set to transform the city's real estate landscape with its grand vision.

A Visionary Project

Azizi Venice is designed to be a massive, integrated community that will offer 30,000 residential units. It aims to create a unique living experience in Dubai, blending contemporary design with the charm of Venice. The project will comprise 100 mid-rise apartment complexes and over 400 luxury villas and mansions, all situated around one of the world's largest crystal-blue water lagoons.

A Vast and Luxurious Oasis

Covering a sprawling 15-million-square-foot plot of land, Azizi Venice will feature a temperature-controlled pedestrian-friendly boulevard. This boulevard will be open-air during the winter months and covered in glass during the summer to provide a comfortable, year-round space for leisure and activities. Additionally, the project will include Dubai's second opera, which will add a cultural dimension to the community.

Innovative and accessible amenities

To ensure ease of access for the expected daily visitors, Azizi Venice will incorporate underground parking spaces. The project aims to offer a comprehensive range of amenities, including multiple beaches around the condominium buildings, villas, and mansions. The lagoon's desalinated and filtered waters will be complemented by an 8-kilometer cycling and jogging track, sports facilities, yoga centers, and a vibrant promenade with artisan eateries and boutiques.

A Grand Development

The community will also feature two five-star hotels owned and operated by Azizi Developments at its entrances, as well as a boutique hotel located on an island in the middle of the lagoon. This grand development aims to provide a holistic living experience that combines luxury, leisure, and waterfront living.

Meeting demand in Dubai

As Dubai experiences unprecedented demand from residents and foreign investors, property developers are racing to launch projects that cater to this demand. Azizi Venice is poised to become a unique addition to Dubai's real estate offerings, setting a new standard for modern living in the city. With its innovative design, luxurious amenities, and prime location in Dubai South, it is expected to attract both residents and tourists looking for a truly exceptional living experience.

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