30 thousand dirhams in compensation to a worker in Abu Dhabi due to his exposure to abuse

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The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court came to the conclusion that a client must compensate a worker with 30,000 dirhams because the client insulted and assaulted the worker while the worker was on the job.

A worker filed a case against a client in which he claimed that the client be required to give him a sum of one hundred thousand dirhams as compensation for the psychological, moral, and moral damages that he incurred after the client insulted him and beat him while the worker was performing his task. In further detail, the worker demanded that the client be compelled to pay him this amount of money. In addition to this, he insisted that the defendant be made responsible for all fees, charges, and other costs. highlighting the fact that the defendant insulted him and battered him, leading to him suffering material, psychological, and moral losses as a result of the incident. The defendant was found guilty of the crime, but he did not show up in court despite having announced that he would be there.

The court noted that the defendant did not appear before the court, despite his announcement, to present any plea or defense in the lawsuit. The court explained that what is clear from the attached criminal rulings is that the defendant assaulted the plaintiff while he was working, and also insulted him with the obscenities stated in the attached criminal rulings. In addition, the court noted that the defendant assaulted the plaintiff while he was working. As a result, the court comes to the conclusion that the defendant was at fault; he fulfilled the need for the element of error; it was evident that this error was the source of damages to the plaintiff; therefore, the defendant is found to be responsible for the elements of responsibility for error, damage, and a causal relationship.

The court made the observation that, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Transactions Law, "every harm to another obliges the perpetrator to be liable, and that moral harm is everything that affects dignity, feeling, or honor, including psychological pain," and that this error resulted in both material and moral damage to the plaintiff. The court also made the observation that the plaintiff was entitled to compensation for both types of damage. They included the injuries he got as a result of the assault by the defendant, as well as the anguish, grief, and humiliation he felt as a direct result of the assault. The court issued a ruling obligating the defendant to pay the plaintiff the sum of 30,000 dirhams, as well as obligating him to pay all fees, charges, and other costs associated with the case.

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