UAE Announce New Mahzooz millionaire plans to build dream home

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The transformative impact of Mahzooz was showcased vividly during the 142nd weekly draws held on August 19th, as two fortunate winners witnessed their dreams come true by clinching life-changing prizes.

UAE Latest Mahzooz millionaire

One winner secured Dh1,000,000, while the other was awarded Dh50,000 in gold coins. Additionally, 826 other participants collectively received Dh404,250 in prize money.

Among the winners was Rathish, an Indian national and a father of two residing in Sharjah. Rathish's unwavering commitment to participating in the UAE's premier weekly draw for over two and a half years culminated in his well-deserved triumph of Dh1,000,000. At 41 years old,

Rathish is not only an ardent badminton enthusiast but also a business owner who has lived in the UAE with his family for 14 years. The news of his life-altering win reached him through an email from Mahzooz, leaving Rathish and his wife both elated and astonished. He plans to utilize the prize money to realize his dream of building a home in India and expanding his business in the UAE.

Rathish expressed his gratitude, saying, "I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Finally, my endeavors have paid off and my dreams have come true."

Dh50,000 in Gold Coins Adds to Her Wins

Jocelyn, a single mother of 47 who works as a technical support administrator for a private company in Dubai, was another fortunate winner from the same draw. Jocelyn, a native of the Philippines, was ecstatic to win gold coins worth Dh50,000 in the Mahzooz Golden Summer Draw. Jocelyn felt tremendously fortunate because she had lived in the UAE for more than ten years and because this wasn't her first victory with Mahzooz.

Her earlier victory in the 137th draw, when she shared the second prize of Dh200,000 with fellow winners, solidified her belief in Mahzooz's potential to positively impact lives. Jocelyn expressed her intention to keep the gold coins as a keepsake to remind her of this belief, highlighting her conviction in the transformative power of Mahzooz.

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