3 reasons why you fail a driving test in Dubai

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The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai confirmed that there are a set of mistakes made by the trainee during the final road examination required to be passed to obtain a driver's license, calling on the trainees to take into account a set of factors that contribute to their successful passing of the examination, the most important of which is maintaining a reasonable level of confidence in all times, while not exaggerating in showing them because it may lead to making big mistakes.

In response to a question for "Emirates Today" about the most important reasons for failure in the driving test in Dubai during the past two years, the Director of the Drivers Licensing Department at the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, Ahmed Mahboub, stated that there are 3 wrong practices repeatedly committed by the examinees, which included not verifying the driver's license. Driving mode by performing a set of measures such as putting a seat belt even for passengers in the back seat, in addition to poor concentration as a result of not getting enough rest before taking the exam and distracting the state of mind, and thirdly, not checking blind spots that lead to making mistakes when driving. In turns and when changing lanes.

Mahboub advised applicants for practical driving tests to be aware of a number of errors and adhere to a number of correct practices, such as making sure to get enough rest before the day of the driving test to ensure full focus on the road, as well as checking the driving situation by making sure the doors are closed before setting off, and adjusting the seat. , as well as the vehicle’s mirrors, and fasten the seat belt before moving while directing the rear seat passengers to fasten their seat belts as well, stressing the necessity of maintaining the appropriate speed appropriate for the road, as driving the car at a slow speed may pose a danger to other drivers on the road.

The latest statistics issued by the authority and recently published by "Emirates Today" indicated that the success rates in the final practical examination required to obtain a driver's license amounted to 36% in the year 2019, and increased by a high rate in the year 2020, reaching 41%, to rise also in year 2021 and reach 42%.

In recent years, the RTA has started using a vehicle with modern features to check drivers through the smart path system, which is based on the use of information communication technology in vehicles through smart sensors and geographical location systems to be able to follow up on the final road examination. The system includes a range of advanced technological applications such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things platform, advanced driver assistance systems, geographical positioning systems, facial recognition technology, and 3D imaging.

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